Wednesday, 30 March 2011

This is what Feminism does NOT look like

Quick to denounce their dissenters, California NOW has issued a statement making sure we all understand that Shelly Mandell was speaking for herself only (as Shelly made clear in her comments). Wouldn't want to be caught actually supporting strong, independent, courageous women like Shelly or Sarah Palin, would NOW? No, their brand of feminism is a big, fat, lie.

Obviously, Palin can't be a feminist because she is a mother of 5, who is happily married, with a husband who is fully supportive of her and her ambitions; she was in the PTA, became Mayor of her town, moving on to take on big oil, and becoming the Governor of Alaska. Now she, at 44, is the second woman candidate for Vice President of the United States in its history. But by NOW's thinking, she TOTALLY disqualifies as a feminist, despite being the first to publicly thank Geraldine Ferraro for cutting the path for her, and always making sure to give mad props to all the women who came before her, such as Hillary Clinton. No, according to NOW that's not a feminist at all, because, you know, she's....sotto voce...Republican....BITE ME, NOW! You have turned feminism into a big, fat lie.

Yeah, she is pro-life, but she translates that as being pro-mother, and wants to get more support for women as mothers (surely not a bad thing), why do we as feminists have to hate motherhood? Or think that we cannot be mothers and successful women at the same time? Palin is an icon for working mothers, she is a powerful symbol of what we are all capable of. NOW should be ashamed of itself, for turning their backs on Sarah Palin, and all the women she represents, and is an inspiration to. If Sarah Palin could energize Republicans, think of what she could be doing for feminism. But nooooooooooo......NOW has to support the empty suit. Not women.

I hope you are still reading this, NOW. You were kind enough to make a point of showing up on this little, unheard of blog to post your statement in the comments. I appreciate that you want your position clarified - that is completely understandable. But this is one feminist who is bitterly disappointed by it. The contemporary feminist movement is OVER. Y'all just sold out American women for a cult of personality.

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