Thursday, 9 October 2008

Irish Left Duped By Petrocrats

You really have to read all of Ed Lasky's article, How allies of George Soros helped bring down Wachovia Bank. But here are some key points that overlap with politics in Ireland.

 One of the steps the Sandlers have taken on their own is to start ProPublica with a 10 million dollar donation, a sum which they promise to replenish annually. This is an outfit that will engage in investigative journalism and will provide its "findings" to larger media outlets for greater impact at no cost.

Unsurprisingly, though, ProPublica has already shown that agenda-driven journalism is its founding principle. One of its first pieces of "investigative journalism" was an attack on the oil and gas industry for developing the Marcellus Shale (a vast natural gas reservoir located in northeast America). ProPublica reported that developing this domestic energy source would damage the environment and advocated that these resources not be developed.

Maybe the Sandlers are helping their political ally George Soros, a hedge fund manager who runs an offshore fund whose investors may well include some of the world's wealthiest and most anti-American petrocats. Shielded from scrutiny by offshore operations, the names of Soros's investors are a closely-guarded secret. But perhaps more than a few of them would look askance at expedited development of our own energy resources. We would be less dependent on petrodollar rich abroad, and the price of oil and gas would weaken, should domestic energy resources like the Marcellus Shale be developed.

So, a rich donor gives millions to a socialist activist with questionable ties in order to start a reputable "watchdog" or "guardian of the public" agency that will issue reports on issues of the day. A pressure group think tank which bills itself as completely impartial. Some of the first reports this group focuses on are alternative energy pipelines, which are surrounded by left wing protests - the reports go in favor of the protesters' arguments. Sound familiar? It should.

In the comments at American Thinker, "Paddy Power" wrote:

Chuck Feeney got burned by the same scam, when he offered to pay for a similar scheme in Ireland, the 'Centre for Public Inquiry' run by Frank Connolly, brother of Niall Connolly, Sinn Fein representative in Cuba who ended up in a Colombian jail for training FARC rebels. What scuppered Frank Connolly's ambitions as a watchdog was his visit to FARC territory. George Soros is a huge backer of Sinn Fein's Gerry Adams, who was a guest at the recent Clinton Global Initiative in New York - his bio for that event makes for interesting reading in that is manages to completely omit the letters I, R, and A from his history.

The point is, what is happening in America is truly happening globally. It has been a key component in propping up the Northern Irish peace process, right down to the "Truth Squad" tactics being employed by Obama - Gerry Adams and Sinn Fein were there first - or at least acting in tandem, funded by the same trough, using the same tactics.

 I realize this may sound a bit out of left field but the similarities between what this article says and what happened with Sinn Fein and the Irish Peace Process, right down to the magic Soros name, are too on point to let it go without mention.

Of the 3 reports the CPI managed to publish before going bust, thanks in large part to then Justice Minister Michael McDowell, 2 of them focused on the Corrib gasline in Mayo, which protesting against has been a cause celebre of the Irish left - "Shell to Sea".

Has the Irish left been totally duped by Petrocrats? I would not be surprised.

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